Cats are amazing and fascinating animals. Their purr not only means they’re content, but also if they are worried or in pain. Did you know they even purr when they’re dying? It’s a way to comfort themselves as opposed to using it for communication.

But maybe the most fascinating part about a cat’s purr is how it actually promotes bone growth and repairs bone tissue! The vibration of 20Hz, and even up to 150Hz, helps the cat build bone density and repair their own tissues. That’s why you hear that cats have nine lives.

Not only can cats heal themselves, but they are amazing hunters. They are quiet and focused, and unlike dogs, don’t need to hunt in groups. But cats are becoming a really big problem for other animals because they like to hunt for fun.

Cats have caused 63 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals to go extinct. And there are way too many cats that need homes. So many cats and kittens are left outside to hunt and be hunted, and if we spay and neuter, we can get a better handle of the cat population.

One of the best things you can do to help all cats – and what they prey on – is to prevent your cat from reproducing and not letting them roam outside unattended.

Cats are wonderful low maintenance pets, but cats that are kept entirely outdoors can be a real problem for the smaller wildlife. And, feral cats can get out of hand quickly with way too many kittens.

Shelters can’t take care of so many cats! If you’re thinking of getting a cat, getting it from a shelter is recommended. It’s hard to house hundreds of cats and dogs with limited space.

Tell us about your cat(s) and how you can prevent any more extinctions caused by them.