Here is a list of of things that I use often and would recommend for other pet parents and anyone curious about animals in general.

Clint’s Reptiles is a very educational and enthusiastic youtube channel, where Clint can find the best pet reptiles, bird, amphibian, or invertebrate for you!

Snake Discovery is a great Youtube channel where you can learn about reptiles, and all of Emily’s amazing pets! She also breeds snakes, and it is so much fun to watch them hatch.

Exo Terra terrariums are great and look beautiful! There are so many great features with front opening doors, and a perfect design to hide any wires that you need for temperature and humidity monitoring.

Exo Terra forest moss is a compact brick of moss, when you add water to it, it expands and hold moisture well for your pet.

Aquarium moss balls absorb waste from the animals that inhabit the aquarium, and purify the water as they grow and add oxygen to the tank. They also need zero care, and are the easiest aquatic plant to grow in the world!