Daddy longlegs

There is a lot of confusion with the Daddy Longlegs. You may have heard that the Daddy Longlegs is highly venomous…well, it isn’t. There are two types of Daddy Longlegs. The Daddy Longlegs spider (Pholcidae), and the Daddy Longlegs with no scientific name.

And what makes it even more confusing is that only one of them is a spider!

The Daddy Longlegs spider is just that: a spider. And, being a spider, it spins webs and has venom. That is something that almost all spiders have in common.

The Daddy Longlegs, however, wanders around scavenging on anything it can find. It has no venom and can’t spin webs, so it isn’t a spider. So what is it? The true Daddy Longlegs is really its own thing. Not quite a spider, not quite a scorpion, and not a tailless whip scorpion. But having eight eyes, eight legs, and a cephalothorax (a merged head and thorax) it is in the arachnid family.

Can you guess which one is which? (Slide the arrow back and forth to see)

*Daddy longlegs on the left and Daddy longlegs spider on the right