What If It Were Possible?


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What if it were possible. . .for a dog to climb a tree?

What if it were possible to climb like you and me?

What if pretty butterflies could spread their wings and swim?

And elephants could wear their trunks while working out at gyms?

Anything can happen if you think it might.

In your imagination, ANYTHING is RIGHT!

Clara was 8-years-old when she wrote What if it were Possible. One day while visiting her Yia-Yia (Joanne Miller) they watched while Clara’s dog, Harley, tried desperately to climb a tree to get a squirrel. Joanne asked Clara, “What if it were possible for a dog to climb a tree?” and the rest is history. Joanne and Clara had lots of giggles coming up with crazy lines for this book and Clara drew each illustration with water color pencils. Clara and her Yia Yia don’t believe play and imagination should be relegated only to children. “What If It Were Possible?” Gives creative illustrations of what can be imagined can be possible if you think it up.

Special Deal – get it custom autographed by Clara – let her know how you want it signed and she’ll write you a note on the inside cover!



"Harley McQuinn" - Clara's dog, and the inspiration for this book!

“Harley McQuinn” – Clara’s dog, and the inspiration for this book!

If you want to see a full presentation from Clara and her YiaYia on how she wrote the book, and she reads it out loud HERE!


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2 reviews for What If It Were Possible?

  1. Bob Carpenter

    I was recently honored to meet the authors and get an advance copy of What If It Were Possible, autographed by Clara! Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. As a children’s book, it is loaded with delightful musings that are sure to encourage kids to think creatively and to realize that they can make their own dreams come true. The example that this book sets as a business model makes it a profitable purchase for anyone who may be struggling with believing that they too can create and market their very own product or products. Just looking a little closer than simply reading the book will open the eyes of beginning or struggling entrepreneurs, regardless of age. Since Clara has done it, we know it is possible for us to do it too! Thanks, Clara.

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    The coolest thing about this book is how quickly kids grasp the concept and start reciting it themselves! Watching Clara present to the 2nd and 3rd graders in an elementary school and seeing how they responded really confirmed that this is a book children will love. They giggled and were excited about getting the actual book, and Clara had an instant fan club – they loved it! This is an easy read with funny pictures and rhyming that even non-readers can remember easily. This is an excellent gift for any family with small children as a reminder that ANYTHING is possible – including an 8-yr-old being a published illustrator!

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