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Bagheera kiplingi

The vegetarian spider

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Some of the most common snake bites and how to avoid them

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Glowing sharks

How and why they do it

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If you've ever said, "the only good snake is a dead snake" read this!

If you've ever thought of animals such as snakes, spiders, and sharks, as being scary or dangerous, I'd love to turn your fear into fascination. Discover how some sharks glow, spiders dance, snakes perform and so much more!

My story

My family and I have been traveling the United States in our fifth wheel camper since October 10, 2016. During this time I have gotten a lot of opportunity to explore the various types of wildlife and history. I love snakes and have adopted three. Niles Louhiss Abner Logsdon the first is our Corn snake […]

How much do you know about animals?

You can track how much you know with this quiz, and find more things to be curious about! Take this quiz and test your knowledge, if you get one wrong you can learn more by clicking on the link! Every time I add a new blog post I update the quiz with new questions, so […]

Clara recommends

Here is a list of of things that I use often and would recommend for other pet parents and anyone curious about animals in general. Clint’s Reptiles is a very educational and enthusiastic youtube channel, where Clint can find the best pet reptiles, bird, amphibian, or invertebrate for you! Snake Discovery is a great Youtube […]

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I love learning about all things art, nature and animals. What are you curious about? I would love to hear from you with any questions, or comments you may have.